Got SEO Problems? Here’s Where You Start…

seo-in-2014As Google updates continue to change and sketchy, black-hat SEO tactics become more and more a thing of the past, gobs of websites are in a bit of a pickle. Whether you’ve received a Google smackdown, or your site has never been optimized in the past, if you have SEO problems, here’s how Seattle SEO suggests you start.

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Start By Looking Behind You

Search Engine Watch recently published an article by Jennifer Van Iderstyne on, “Learning to Carry Your SEO Baggage.” In that article, she says, “If your website has been online about a year or so, then consider it an adolescent, with enough history to make it interesting. Whatever your long-term plans or goals may be, you have to take what’s behind you into account. Your baggage will determine how you need to move forward.”

Identify the Extent of the Mess

Secondly, you’ll need to fix whatever problems you currently have. That might be a lack of any SEO work at all, or a past history of shady SEO tactics that have you backpedaling in an attempt to recover.

Jennifer Van Iderstyne remarks, “Even if you’ve given up those practices now, like that protest that got a little out of hand in college, the arrest record stays with you and so does the potential effect of low-quality links. Your website’s past extends far beyond what you’ve done in the last year.”

Are those past underhanded SEO tactics following you around? It would behoove you to find out.

Find Today’s SEO Expert

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of shady individuals out there who will promise to send your site skyrocketing to the top of the SERPs. If it were that easy, then anyone could do it. And, Google has made a point of making it more and more difficult to be a faker.

So, don’t listen to those guys.

Instead, find a seattle seo companies that can identify the dubious gimmicks of the past and promises to never let them near your website. Use this list of 12 questions conveniently provided by Mashable to find the SEO expert that can save your site.

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Be Cautious

However, be careful when shopping for an SEO expert stated by Fox Web Creations. Oftentimes, those involved in SEO efforts only provide you with one piece of the puzzle. If you’re looking to gain more clients or customers through the internet, Google is making it more and more difficult to do this without a comprehensive internet marketing approach. While you can place Google ads, and find other methods of promotion that use the internet, many businesses find this to be less than satisfying. Reason being, they’re using a less than comprehensive approach.

Instead of looking for SEO, we’re convinced that your website would do far better with a comprehensive internet marketing approach. To learn more about what this looks like, feel free to give us a call or continue to explore our website. We used to be an SEO agency, but changes  in the internet marketing world have prompted us to turn a different direction – toward a comprehensive marketing approach that drives sales, not just traffic